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      FAQ:Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why sak al sobaan ?

    sak al sobaan Area The marble and granite industry as many know it not only in Egypt but in the Middle East. sak al sobaan area lies east of the Autostrad road, at a depth of 10 km to the edge of the Wadi Degla valley in the east of Tura El-Maadi area. It consists of 3 areas of Kotsika, Badr El-Leithy and the Euphrates. The area of ​​Al-Ta'aban area is 1608 acres with an estimated area of ​​6.5 million square meters with a length of 1.8 meters on the road. - How many factories in the area of ​​Tabban? Al-Ta'aban area contains 2,200 factories and workshops for the manufacture and export of marble, which comes from the quarries of Ras Gharib, Ain Sukhna, Minya, Jabal Al-Jalala in Suez, Red Sea and Aswan. - How many people are in the area? Around 60,000 workers from direct employment and approximately 150 workers from indirect labor operate in the sak al sobaan area.

  • What doessal al sobaan ?

    Is the first Egyptian site specialized in the sale, purchase and rental of all heavy equipment and all construction equipment, freight forwarding services, spare parts and accessories (Alkhala) and mechanics repair and maintenance and installation of machines and equipment and production of quarries, marble and granite and factories and workshops and the deployment of stone and all kinds Stone, marble, masonry, all building materials, decoration and decoration. If you are looking for skilled technicians, you can follow all this and more and add millions of ads from your business and offer them on our site without commission all over Egypt and compare and wait for the best offers, seller and buyer at the same time. The fastest growing world. We will open the doors of livelihood and chances of success in less time. Download the application for free

  • What are the benefits of e-marketing for marble, granite, stone- sal al sobaan ? equipment?

    There are many benefits of e-marketing - cost-savings compared to traditional marketing cost - the ability to follow traffic statistics and achieve its goals or access - the ability to reach the Arab and world at a lower cost and faster than any local - remove the obstacles that stood in front of traditional marketing such as place and open the range You can sell your products anywhere you want. - Ability to communicate with the customer within 24 hours a day through the website or social networking platforms. - Our website is an interface, company and exhibition for you on the Internet that everyone sees. - Save the time and effort that has been done in traditional marketing. - Get a great base of customers and offers on your pages. - Can target specific layers of your ad and target your domain - Increase users' awareness of your products

  • Each member has their own page that they can set up when they are registered. Can the packages be paid?

    Yes, we designed this for you. Each user will have their own page and control panel. To manage all your advertisements, products and services ... Advertise yourself ... Simply choose the right package for you and manage it through your account

  • Is there any way to check the messages, which are sent to my ads?

    Yes, just go to the control panel to see all conversations, notifications and messages

  • I have already registered and forgot my password. What can I do?

    You can enter email or pre-registered, we will send you your password

  • What after accepting my ad? where can I find my ads ?

    When posting and accepting your advertisement, it will appear on our website and all devices for all users of the site directly after making sure that the advertisement match the terms and conditions of the use of the site. We will send a message to your e-mail containing your ad link and you can click on the link to see your ad or you can access your account and watch your ads and you will find it in your ads. Your advertisement will not be available on the site if the advertisement term (sixty days) has expired or you delete it or the administration has deleted it or suspended your account for a violation of the terms of use of the site. In this case, we will notify you by e-mail.

  • Can delete my account?

    This is caused by your violation of the terms of use of the site and the privacy policies provided at the bottom of the page and can contact us if you have any inquiry.

  • Is the subscription pakage normal and distinctive advertising?

    All registered users can add free ads, and if the user wants to post featured ads, they must subscribe to the premium advertising service packages

  • easy filtering of the search in sak al sobaan ?

    easy filtering of the search in the site of the tangles. You can select the category or thing you are looking for through public search or the main sections are subdivided into sub-sections and sub-categories which you often find what you are looking for. If you can not find what you want you can type it in the search box. A word or something specific to you ... writing a word ... a winch ... a stone ....... etc or you can contact us. Contact us by e-mail and contact us page

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