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Privacy and cookies

4-Privacy Policy Definition (Cookies)

The rights and obligations




The specificities of the Convention (Cookies)

When you use our services, you agree to our company gathered some of your personal information.
The aim of this page to tell you the information that we collect, and why we use and how to use it.

If an individual account:

You must provide us with certain information, when you send your ad, or create your account and access through the site.


When sending the Ad, must send us:

  • The following Personal data: email address, phone number.
  • Other data: the postal code or city, which is located by the product in your ad, or postal address, if any.

You can also choose to give us the information for your location through the advantage of determining the geographical location of the advertising on our site.


When you create your account or log in, you must provide us with:

  • The following Personal Data: Name, First Name, Email address
  • Other data: a Pseudonym.

You can also choose to provide us with the following information:

  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Social and Professional category
  • The concerns

When you participate in the package, the package must also provide us with:

  • Personal identification document
  • Your payment details: bank details (IBAN) / Credit Card Details
  • Mailing address
    if the professional account:

You must provide us with certain information when you create a professional account:

  • The following Personal data: name, first name, email address, phone number
  • Other data: The name of the company, professional activity, address


Data collected automatically through the use of our services

Collect the following information about the services that you use and use it:

  • Technical data: IP address, your internet connection, the type of browser you use, the information on your computer;
  • Data collected using cookies (Cookies): For more information, we invite you to visit the section cookies.

The provision of our services

To ensure access to and use of our services, including:

  • Ensure your ad;
  • Manage Your Account
  • Geographical mark on products or special offers you;
  • Answer Your Questions

The Messages and content between users and advertisers through correspondence is private and confidential correspondence.

Marketing Analysis

  • Understand how to use our services.
  • We offer you improved services and personal through collecting the views and through questionnaires.
  • Conducting surveys and other studies.

Customizing the advertising and commercial communications, we have

  • To personalize ads, on our website or on other sites a friend.  Please refer to the section “Your SELECTIONS on ads target” if you no longer wish to benefit from this allocation;
  • Send You commercial proposals and/or promotional material, originating exclusively from our website devoted exclusively to our services;
  • Send You commercial proposals and / or promotions from other companies on our site and not dedicated exclusively to the services of our site, on the understanding that these proposals will be transferred exclusively from our site.

If you are a businessman who owns the promotion of services or a workshop, we will also use the data collected to send you business and / or proposals promotions for your business.

The database is not sold to other companies by our company.

In addition, sending commercial proposals and / or promotional activities will be done only after obtaining the express consent of the persons concerned,

In accordance with the law, the company undertakes to sak al sobaan maintain all personal data collected through the site services and not to transfer to any other party.

As an exception, the user will be informed of the existence of the location may be needed to connect the personal data collected through its services:

  • The mother company and associated with the site.
  • The licensed administrative and judicial authorities
  • The service providers who help us to improve the service;
  • Service providers to provide technical services and promotions designed specifically for you   (Google Customer Match).

As part of the use sak al sobaan, packages service provider as well as your personal insurance that you entered:

  • Do not store your identity documents from the site and are sent directly to the service provider, to secure your transactions and help you to allow you to take advantage of insurance services included with the use of the service package sak al sobaan.
  • Payment details are handled by the service provider, as the Controller, in accordance with the strongest security rules in force nor stored in the site.

Therefore, we call upon the service provider, in his capacity as responsible for dealing with your data, it is likely that the recovery of the following data: postal codes and addresses (if any), IP address.  These are your data for anonymity in accordance with the regulations with respect to personal data.


You can log in to your Personal Account

At any time, you can modify your personal data or commercial activity (account), except the professional email address.  You only go to your personal or commercial activity account and clicking on the vocational) My Personal tab.”

Exercise your rights with our

In accordance with the law, any natural person at any time the right to access, delete the data on it.

The user can 3,745 on the exercise of this right through the contact the company through the “contact”, located on the site, or on the application, whether iPhone / iPad, or the application of the cat, funny cats.

  • The right of access to your personal data

You may have to pay a fee.

  • The right to literacy and correction of your personal data

We give you the opportunity to request corrected, your ending, update, or delete personal data which are inaccurate or incomplete, or misleading, or the old town.

This is followed by the right to the exercise of the right of access by the user, the exercise of the free.


The life of your personal data

Keep your personal time varies in accordance with the purpose of the collected:

  • Maintain customer data (identification, coordinates, electronic commerce, and the history of the use of the service) for a period of 3 years from the end of the trade relationship.
  • Data relating to the management of your account for a period of 5 years from the date of the deletion, this exclusively for purposes of evidence;
  • Maintains accounting documents and documents for 10 years, accounting evidence;
  • Data that has been conducted and the means of payment used for a period of one year from the date of issue of invoice or pay;
  • Data that are likely to be the subject of a judicial request (login details, identity, contact details) for 12 months of the collection.

We protect your information with physical, electronic and managerial security measures.  Our safeguards include firewalls, and controls access to our data centers, and entrance to the access controls and information.


Sak al sobaan communicate clear and transparent company is the use of cookies when you surf the web, and through the phone, iPad, and application of cat, funny cats. And the cookie (Cookies)

The cookies? The cookie text file is stored on the hard drive of your device (computer or tablet or mobile) through the program Your browser while surfing the Internet.

This means the cookie file that is sent to us every time you open a page on our site from your PC or your mobile device.  Whether cookies recorded by us or by other sites when you visit our site or advertisements are displayed does not personally introduces as an individual, but only identifies the device you use.  Cookies do not store sensitive personal data, but simply provide information about browsing so that they can be recognized on your device at a later time.

Cookies do not cause any damage to your device, but make it easier for example to find your preferences, to fill some of the public transport which fields and adaptation with the content of our services.

Only you can choose if you want Cookies stored on your device and you can easily check the registration of cookies.  For specific information on the management and control of cookies, please refer to the section “Your choices with respect to cookies”

Functional cookies palette allows us:

  • Identify you when you contact our website.
  • Adjustment With the introduction of our websites and application advertising spaces display preferences from the browser or your device (the language used, the operating system used, etc.), Depending on the hardware and software;
  • Make the search easier by keeping the automatic search operations saved ads;
  • Improve your user experience fields.


Cookies associated with targeted advertisements analytical work

The policy on cookies associated with targeted advertisements palette analytical will enable us to better understand our position and applications and improve our services through the establishment and use of statistics and folders (sections and content guest visit, etc.)

The policy on cookies associated with targeted advertisements

The Ad is the target in the allocation of the contents of the Ad for a site in accordance with the behavior of Internet users and determine their interest.

sak al sobaan had put cookies on your device in order to create user profiles and you can take advantage of the targeted advertising content relevant to you.

This content is displayed to you in accordance with the relevant information only for your use of the site and applications and in particular:

  • The categories of ads that you visit
  • The pace of your visits.
  • The keywords that you enter.

Cookies are also used targeted advertisements to limit the number of times you see an ad to assist in measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaign.

The cookies and targeted advertising 60 days.

The location of sak al sobaan is committed to best practices in the use of advertising cookies to coincide with the Charter “Iab European Union on the behavior of the advertisements online,” which aims to strengthen the transparency and control over personal data users


The policy on cookies associated with targeted advertisements

Deposit of cookies associated with targeted advertisements either by our advertising agency or by our partners

It is possible when you visit our websites and applications, to be some cookies are not registered with us but by other partners for the distribution of targeted advertisements.

This is particularly the case with the merging of some units and features on our site, such as buttons, social networking sites.

لايدير Site’s cookies from these partner companies and has no control or accountability for these cookies and the use of data collected from them.

In this connection, we recommend browsing the politics of these partners regarding these cookies, particularly their opposition to these cookies

Your choices about cookies in general.

You may at any time express your desires with regard to cookies or modified the means described below:

You can configure your browser at any time so as to save cookies on your device (enabled) or, on the contrary, be rejected (Disable, and allows you some browsers to locate and manage cookies by location.
Manage cookies, be different in each browser and are described in the Help menu in your browser, which lets you know how to adjust your wishes:


Your selections on target advertisements

  • In your browser) on the phone or tablet

You can set your browser at any time to refuse the Cookie, behavioral advertising

The following are procedures for the disable targeting ads on mobile devices:
– on the operating system or any, go to your privacy settings, turning to the option of  ” ad “, and then active”  limited tracking of the ad  “;
– on the Operating System Android, go to the application of the ” Google ” settings, and then occupied the option ” Disable ads based on the concerns ”  and ” Reset ” the ad Id.


Your selections on Ads

You also have the option of your browser to refuse cookies target advertising from our partners.
You are advised to visit the following pages relating to refuse cookies submitted by them:

Your online options

Digital interaction offers you the option to refuse or accept cookies digital ad.

Notice the option to reject or accept these measures will not prevent the display of ads on sites that you visit.

To learn more about targeted advertisements and options you have in this area, you can see the digital interaction

We invite you to contact us for any questions or requests concerning the cookies on our site or targeted advertisements*