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1-The general conditions for the use of the services of the Site

Sak al sobaan site offers advisory services and Classified Advertisements on the Internet, which specializes specifically to provide services to individuals.

Access to the site, as well as persons sak al sobaan users is subject to an unconditional acceptance of these instructions and conditions of use

The site is published by sak al sobaan, a company registered in the register of commerce and companies

The director of the site published Mr. ABOU EL DAHAB

Any questions or inquiries about the company, you can send us your questions by email.

Any seizure or exceeded or violations subject to public authorities

For any request other than the use of public authorities, please use the contact form by clicking on the following link: you can reason and explain your situation in detail. The specialist group will take all the necessary measures.

Requests for copyright and we would be grateful if you sent US, accompanied by a comprehensive speech due date and new facility) or to determine the reference of the Ad, with its cultural habits, email address and phone number, listen to the following e-mail and response time or reply about 24 hour work days.

The reference number is the number in the web address for the presentation of the Ad page.

Example: /Honda-civic-type-r

We will send you the required information as soon as possible. This is a absolutely free.

To streamline our procedures, we will be grateful to you respectfully ask that the request for the ad and the email address that you expect our response to it.

The General conditions for the use of location services sak al sobaan

Each of the conditions listed below in the terms and conditions for the use of the location of sak al sobaan services is as follows:Ad: all the elements (visual and textual data, audio, images and graphics) filed by the ADVERTISER and are under the responsibility of the purchaser, rental or sale of property or to view or request a room service or function and published on the website and applications.

Advertiser: Any natural or legal person who possesses personal account, or a professional account on the site and releases the ad and publish through the Site services

. It contains the term “declared” in the terms and conditions of two types of advertisers who provide service announcements across the site, namely:

  • “Individual” stated: which means any natural person who submit an ad for purposes, and dissemination of the Ad on the site or applications. It must be stated that any individual personally account for the deployment and management of ads.
  • Ads “vocational/commercial”: which means any legal person, the dissemination of the ads for commercial purposes, on the site or applications. All advertisers must possess “professional account professionals/Business” to deploy and manage their advertisements. The following activities, which but is under the name of the business, professional activity:
  • The re-sale of purchasing materials for the purpose of sale. This process means the activity of trading commodities and products, starting from the procurement of goods and then disposed of by sale to clients of the Ad on the site and not for personal use,
  • The sale of the materials he declared himself manufactured,
  • The sale of regular basis and large amount of materials, goods and products,
  • Promote sales to reap profits and the income or large commission.


Applications: An application for Android Phones Free available on cat, funny cats is available on the Google Play Store also available for iPhone and iPad application downloadable from the Apple Store, App Store Free On The Avon or iPad allowing users and advertisers access to the services with ease.

The personal account: the provision of free space on the site so that it can log in to the site and applications, which must be declared in any created, which can be involved in the management of broadcast and display advertisements and one or more account and can buy from which units.

Professional account: the provision of free space on the site so that it can log in to the site and applications, which must be declared on any established professional, where its cultural habits which can be professional broadcast advertisements as well as management and companies, which are providing additional services from the site manager for the ads and plans through a Personnel Officer Provides support and receive instructions, and is suitable for large businesses such as real estate and cars. is the name of the company that published and manages the site and applications registered in the commercial register is conveniently headquartered in he added 100-year sufferings of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Messages: a private message system is available to users and advertisers to communicate with each other and enable them to access services on site room service private messages are only available to users and advertisers who have a personal account only.

On-site service: services available to users and advertisers on the website and applications as shown in article 3.1 of these conditions.

Website: a website which can be sak al sobaan we manage access to the main page through this link sak al sobaan and provides users and advertisers to reach online sak al sobaan service as described in article 3.1 of these conditions.

User: any visitor has the right of access to our services through the site and applications inquiry or access to the site, users can access the site through many different means.

Aimed at Terms of use to determine the provisions dealing with the site services available to users and advertisers through the website and applications.Conditions of participation by advertisers in the payment options (the so-called package”) fixed in the General Conditions of Sale

Accept Any user or advertised through the site services and / or applications, the terms of use and fully and directly without or amendment of any kind. Thus, these items are no longer valid and enforceable completely against the users and advertisers.

3.1 descriptions of the site services3.1.1 General conditions

Any user – or declared site services must be aware of, therefore, Headquarters, including the following:

  • Damage to receive and send the ad, because of the heterogeneous nature of the Internet core network and on public networks, in particular , could damage or pressure on the network;
  • The responsibility of the responsibility to take any measures it deems appropriate to ensure the security of its equipment and special statements or programs or other, especially against exposure to any virus or attempt to penetrate so as not to be the victim of any electronic breakthroughs
  • Any equipment connected to the site remains the responsibility of the advertiser, and evacuate the site responsible for all damages, direct or indirect, which may occur due to contact the site.


Pledges to respect and maintain the confidentiality of personal account contact information, or vocational or trade, and the transfer of data from the personal account, or a vocational or trade is calculated from the jurisdiction of the advertiser.

Any loss or forget or misuse of logging data and potential consequences are the full responsibility and integrated its cultural habits.

The Stated is notified and agrees that it will not be published immediately after placement on the website and applications for technical reasons.

The Stated notice, which was published announcing the site, it is likely that the AD is the participation by any user or any unannounced on the social networks Facebook and, through the Share button integrated in the pages.

All advertisements will be published on the website and applications, and the ads that do not activate the option to pay “distinguished” would not benefit from the option of publication on the application of the iPhone iOS & iPad

Advertisers will be informed that the main site and other sites may deploy small advertising services one or more category, and therefore any undeclared agrees that the main site or other sites may offer their advertisements, during the period of validity or even eliminated.

3.2 Service Description

Site services provided to users and advertisers differ according to the quality of the account both “individual” or

“Vocational or trade ” its cultural habits and the use of the site or applications)

1- available features for advertisers and users of the site and Applications

View all the announcements

Contact advertisers

The possibility of proposing the ad to the Friends of

The reporting of any abuse

The ad published by the backup

Backup for search, you

The participation of the Ad in the social networking sites across the button.

Advertisers can enter through the iPhone / iPad (only on applications)

Identify the geographical location of the ads of the registered in all categories (only on applications)

2 – the available features of the site and applications discerning advertisers registered on the Site

  • The deposit of the ads
  • The possibility of the use of the “Favorites” tab so that you can:
  • Advertising backup
  • Automatic search for ads
  • Send an email, its cultural habits by a list of the advertisements that are published
  • Manage Ads Through “My Ads” tab in the personal account so that it can be from:
  • Delete Ad: it is possible to delete several ads in one action
  • The amendment to the Ad
  • Identify the geographical location of the advertised things
  • The extension ads after exceeding the maximum limit of 60 days.
  • Activating the payment options or paid advertising through the credit card and/or other means of secure payment
  • The purchase of funds by credit card
  • Access to the personal account management:
  • The management of the account (updated, modified, etc.), At any time, personal information that was entered during the creation of the personal account:
  • Mandatory Information: Last Name, First Name, Email, Password
  • Optional Information: age, employment, industry, phone number, etc.
  • Follow-up:
  • The operations of the accounts payable.
  • The services that have been purchased.
  • The exchange of messages between users and advertisers through the private mail on site.
  • The choice of institutions which combine score to complete the transaction with the buyer.


The deployment of paid advertising through the payment of the costs of the advertisements (except for advertiser professionals’ beneficiaries package sak al sobaan Manage Ads Through “My Ads” tab in the vocation or trade account:

  • Delete Ad: it is possible to delete several ads in one action,
  • The amendment to the Ad
  • Identify the geographical location of the advertised things

The extension ads after exceeding the maximum limit of 60 days (with the exception of the advertiser professionals’ beneficiaries package sak al sobaan

  • Activating the payment options or paid advertising through the credit card and/or other means of secure payment

Access to professional account management:

  • (The account management (updated, modified, etc.), At any time, personal information that was entered during the creation of the personal account:
  • Mandatory Information: Last Name, First Name, Email, Password

– 4 Messages

  • Access to messages

Only the users and advertisers communicate through letters, through personal accounts. Users and advertisers, professionals communicate through messages, contacts, including by phone or email by clicking on the button “Send Email” next to the ad.

Thus, users can, through the personal account, send a private message to advertisers by clicking on the button “Send Message” next to the ad.

Users will be notified of the advertisers any new message is received, via email to the email address entered when opening a personal account and notification received on applications.

Users must advertisers Entry via a personal account to use the Messaging, as well as to respond to one of the parties, and access to the record of the talks.

Do not show the email addresses of users and advertisers who use messaging, there will be only the alias name that was entered during the creation of the account of the user and/or stated.


  • The correspondent Terms of Use
  • Send private messages for the principal purpose of which is the exchange of information on the ads.
  • Vows to advertisers and users using messages in a respectful manner and illegal toward their interlocutors.
  • Vows to advertisers and users not to send messages that:
    * violate the copyright of the State or the people who use our services or other third parties or violate their rights, including the right to privacy or pictures or intellectual property or other exclusive rights;


* To be illegal or obscene or insulting or throwing or threatening, abusive or by intimidation or regardless, or sexual exploitation of children, or racial or ethnic distinction or that constitute harassment or incite or encourage any unlawful behavior or inappropriate, including the encouragement of crimes of violence

* The messages about the nature of the advertisement or commercial.
* The messages by encouraging the purchase of goods prohibited from marketing;
* messages that involve the deployment of lies, distortion, or deceptive claims or wrong or misleading for users and advertisers;
* messages that Arrogate to the identity of the others.
* The messages from collective messages or automatic messages or messages which (viruses) or other similar practices;
* Communications in which users and advertisers to a location other than the location of sak al sobaan or the location of the CONTESTANT.

The website uses a program to automatically detect the any content contrary to public order or morality, or improper, or non-occupational or defame by the user through the messages. In the case of disclosure of private letter containing such comments by the automated program, you may be a special message automatically and will not reach the recipient.

The site does not have the right of access to the content of your messages, including those that have been banned by the automated program.

Users, advertisers are solely responsible for the content of the messages of mutual trust between them.

Users and advertisers are advised to be vigilant and cautious in sending personal information in communications among them.

Keeps you the right to suspend or block access to its services, including messaging, with any user or declared does not comply with these Terms of Use.

4.1 Prevention of Illegal Advertising

The site retains the right to prevent or delete any ad is contrary to the terms of the site, without notice or compensation or right to payment, and delete any ad not only in accordance with the rules of the publication of the web site and/or services that may affect the copyright.

4.2 The reporting of abuse

Any user can Report objectionable content from the site and applications:

* By clicking on the link “Report Objectionable Content” button on each page of the Ad.
Or* by email by clicking on the link “contact”

5.1 The obligations of the advertisers

The Stated reserves all rights (including intellectual property rights) or to obtain all necessary licenses to deploy its ad.

Recall that the ad stated that does not violate any regulations (especially the Ad, competition, and promote sales, use of language, the use of personal data, the prohibition of the marketing of goods or services are prohibited), or any third party rights (including intellectual property rights and personal rights) and that they do not contain defamatory or harmful messages with regard to third parties.

Thus, vows stated that the ad does not contain:


  • Any External Links to redirect users in particular to sites run by any third-party website
  • Any wrong or misleading information or is likely to mislead users
  • Any DEFAMATION or harm the interests or the image of the site or any third party
  • Any content that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties
  • Any promotional content or the ads of the activity. The Ad aims to promote the product and not a means of advertisement


Agrees to provide the goods available only in advertisements.

Approves the ADVERTISER, in case of non-availability of the product, speed up the withdrawal of an ad of service of the site as soon as possible.

The declared must be informed of the extent of the spread of the site, to take all precautions in this context, recognizing that he alone is responsible for the content published by users, as well as any document or information with its feet to the users.
The advertiser is responsible for the full liberation of the content of the ads published by the.

As a result, declared to be accountable to sak al sobaan company and its partners and their clients to bear all responsibilities in containing any suit or action with regard to the Ad can be brought against them by any third party, and will bear responsibility for all damages, costs and expenses which can be Condemned or that can be signed by them through the transaction agreement it signed with the third, and therefore all of the damage to the on-site contractors and partners them because the right to claim for damages because of its cultural habits befall them.

With the deployment of any ad, approves all sak al sobaan stated that the site accepts the right to delete or reject, at any time, without compensation or the right to reimbursement of the amounts deposited by declaring for the purposes of publication or participate in the paid options, whether the ad would be inconsistent with the law, rules for the deployment of the service of the site, which have been identified.

In general, is the responsibility of the advertisers are responsible for the verification of their status as an individual or a professional, particularly with regard to the articles of the Commercial Code. , Which provides that “the merchants are those who engage in trade

In the case of advertisements by the Registrar stated as an individual has an account in person, which might be considered his professional activity, sak al sobaan company reserves the right to restrict the use of the service, and to refuse or limit the number of ads that may be involved published on the website.

All advertisements will be published, starting from the day of deposit, at the same time on the website and applications, and for a maximum period of 60 days (except for the ad deposited as part of a specific rental, publishing for 6 months). After this initial period of 60 days, its cultural habits on site sends email to inform it that the ad has expired and is no longer on the Internet and must apply to renew his ad for a period of 60 days. If not renewed, declared his ad within 5 days of receipt of this letter, it will not be able to extend its ad must be re-sent.

The advertiser also agrees that the personal account and / or professional account does not include:


  • Any false information and/or misleading
  • Any information violates the rights of a third party


In this context, the Registrar on the site and acknowledges that the sole responsibility for the information provided when you create a personal account and / vocational or trade

Through the establishment of a personal account and/or vocational or trade, approves each registrar and agrees, without compensation or the right to reimbursement of the amounts incurred by the ADVERTISER to participate in the paid options, that the site at any time cancel any account in conflict with the law and rules set by the site.

5.2 The responsibility and obligations of sak al sobaan

As Odin, subject to the company. sak al sobaan weak responsibility regime provided for in the articles of the law on confidence in the digital economy.

Nor could it be sak al sobaan company in any way responsible for the content of the ads published by advertisers and messages of mutual content through correspondence and does not give any warranty, express or implied, in this regard.

Sak al sobaan company third party communications and relations between advertisers and users, and thus excludes any responsibility in this regard.

5.3 The limits of liability

Sak al sobaan company undertakes to implement all the necessary means to ensure the provision of on-site service to users and advertisers with the best.

However, the sak al sobaan company refuses any responsibility in the case of:


  • Power outage, failure, changes, and the disequilibrium in the contact service, regardless of the means of communication used and whatever its origin was its origin,
  • Loss of data or information stored in the site. It is the responsibility of the advertisers responsibility to take all necessary precautions to keep the ads they publish through on-site service;
  • The temporary inability to access the site or applications because of technical problems, whatever the source,
  • The direct or indirect damage to the user or ADVERTISER, whatever its nature, and output the content of the Ads, use, or exploited, and imbalance or interruption of service of the site,
  • The normal use or illegal exploitation in the service of the site by any user or declared,
  • The attack, or piracy, or deprivation, or removal, or the ban, temporary or permanent, for some reason, access to the Internet.


Sak al sobaan company’s responsibility only user can participate in the direct damage suffered by the advertiser, resulting from a breach of contractual obligations as specified here. – And thus waive the right to demand compensation from the company for any reason, the indirect damage such as loss of profits, loss of opportunities, trade or financial losses, increase public expenditures or losses resulting from their origin or as a result of its implementation.

Bear any user stated, liability for damage to third parties and the consequences of claims or actions that may arise. The user also waives the appeal against the company if the trial by a third party because of the illegal use of the service, if the user or password stated, or in the case of impersonation or identity theft.

6.1 All intellectual property rights (such as copyright and trademark rights, the producers of the database), which include both the structure and content of the site and applications, including images, sounds, videos, images, logos, trademarks, and graphical elements, visual texts, tools, software, documents, data, and so on. (Hereinafter referred to b “elements”). These elements are the property of the site of sak al sobaan these elements are provided to users and advertisers, for free, to use only the site of sak al sobaan services as part of the normal use of each patient. Vows to users, advertisers, not to amend the elements in any form.Any Impermissible use of the elements of the applications on the website would lead to the violation of copyright and constitutes a violation. It has also led to the violation of the rights of the image and the rights of persons or any rights or other regulations in force. And then can enter the civil or criminal responsibility of the employer rights.

– 6.2 no user or undeclared, copy, modify or create or collection, sale or waiver or license any ad does not have the right to…

Vows to any user of the service of sak al sobaan stated, too:


  • Do not use sak al sobaan service on behalf of others or for the benefit of commercial or non-commercial purposes, whether all or part of the information or the small ads to sak al sobaan service and the website and applications;
  • You may not use the spyware applications or, search applications or any other means of or indexing of all or part of the content of the site and applications, the site can take legal action copies the information to the media of any kind to rebuild all or part of the original file.


Any reproduction or representation or dissemination, transfer, use or modification or the extraction of all or part of the elements in any form without the written permission of sak al sobaan is illegal. These illegal acts and the responsibility of the authors and is likely to lead to legal action against them, particularly about the alleged violation of the rights of the site.

6.3. Sak al sobaan Site trademarks and logos are registered trademarks. Prohibits any total or partial reproduction of these trademarks or logos without the prior written permission from the site of sak al sobaan

6.4. The location of sak al sobaan is the producer of the Database Publishing services. Accordingly, prohibits any extraction or re-use the database or databases within the meaning of intellectual property law.

6.5. Sak al sobaan reserves the right to take legal action against persons who did not respect the prohibition contained in this article.

6.6. External links

6.6.1. Links from the site of sak al sobaan services Decision to activate these links is the full responsibility of the user.

6.6.2. Links to services sak al sobaan

You may not create a link to the site hip Videotext services sak al sobaan without prior approval and Frank from sak al sobaan

Any request or action or participation or individual or company through our sak al sobaan Whatever, it must first contact the site by sending an email to the email address mentioned in the site

The lack of a reply from the site of sak al sobaan is rejected.

6.7 The contents of the ads belong to advertisers, therefore, through the dissemination of those advertisements on the website, recognized by sak al sobaan stated: The site has the exclusive right to the whole world to exploit, or transfer or license free next:

(1) All the contents of the ads, including the images, text, videos, and illustrations, trademarks, logos, and titles (hereinafter referred to as “Content”), published on the site, as well as

(2) Licenses of all intellectual property rights relating to the content, and the rights of the authors of the elements used in its ad, such as images, text, video, graphics and illustrations and sound, the whole legal term of intellectual property rights in the world.

The rights granted to that include the right to reproduce, distribute, adapt or modify or create derivative works, and the translation of all or part of the content by any means, in any form, in any media (digital and print media…) Known or unknown so far, including the location of sak al sobaan services related activity of sak al sobaan company, including propaganda purposes, as well as published on the social networks belonging to sak al sobaan Site, especially pages Facebook and twitter comments tv guide and private sak al sobaan
and, in particular, can copy photos announcements and included in the forms of the announcements on the website, and only with respect to the ad of the publication.

The grants announced its approval of the deployment of its Ad and on social networks, including Facebook and comments tv guide and Twitter. Therefore, the declared witnesses read the terms and conditions of use of the sites Facebook and Twitter. And straining the acceptance of, its provisions, particularly about the use of the content and personal data.

Under this license, the company is entitled to sak al sobaan without incurring any obligation to work,

That is opposed to the cloning of the exploitation of unauthorized third parties for advertisements published on the website and its content.

– Users, non-exclusive right to access the content using the services موقع sak al sobaan and browse the content as permitted by the site of sak al sobaan functions at the level of the whole world.

7.1 maintains the site the right to modify or disable access to all or part of the service of the electronic site or applications at any time.7.2 maintains the site the right to modify all or part of the terms and conditions of website services or applications. At any time,

Therefore, users must advertisers found in the terms of use regularly to identify any changes made

Use of the site by users and advertisers constitutes their acceptance of the amendments to the terms of use.

If any part of the conditions of service of illegal or invalid or unenforceable, for any reason, the provisions concerned are non-existent, without questioning or affect the validity of the rest of the other provisions which will continue to apply between users. Or advertisers and location.